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Sliver of Sky


Sliver of Sky was created by Ludovic Ondiviela and performed in association with Amnesty International on 24 April 2016 at the Lilian Baylis Studio, Sadler’s Wells.

Albert Woodfox was held in solitary confinement in the US for 43 years until his release in 2014.  From his cramped prison cell there was a slit of a window from which he could see, in his words,  a “sliver of sky”.


The ballet takes its inspiration from the human rights issues round the issue of solitary confinement. Ludovic created the work on dancers from The Royal Ballet, English National Ballet and Rambert. 

He explained the thinking behind the piece:

“Reading about  the experience of solitary confinement has led me to explore  the emotional and psychological journey of detainees and their families. Human beings are essentially social beings and isolation and extreme loneliness can drive people to madness.  How does someone find hope when locked up for 23 hours a day in a 6ft by 9ft cell when the only view of the outside is through a tiny window which offers a sliver of sky? “ 

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