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Other Projects

Raymond Chai was supported in developing 'Unbroken Silence' for performance at the Your Move Dance Festival in New Jersey, USA.

Support was given to a trip by Andrew McNicol to New York, USA, where Andrew had been commissioned to create new choreography in a workshop with the New York Choreographic Institute. The support resulted in commissioning of further work by a major US promoter and potential for other works with other US institutions.

The charity supported the creation and production of a new ballet, 'Satori', in November 2017. The ballet was created by Sergei Polunin and performed within a programme of works at the London Coliseum over 7 performances in December 2017. Within that programme Inspiration In Motion also supported a children's matinee performance with a rather different programme designed to inspire a younger audience.

Francisco Rojas is an independent choreographer working in Mexico City. Inspiration In Motion arranged the opportunity for him to shadow the work of two established choreographers, Russell Maliphant and Wayne McGregor for two weeks in October / November 2016. As a result of the experience Francisco embarked on development of new choreography on his return to Mexico City.

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